Tyler Large

Owner/Dog Handler

Tyler has always loved dogs. He has never been without one, and often many more than one. He began working for doggy daycares in 2010. In May of 2022 he decided it was time to open his own center. Puptown Funk is his life's passion, and opening his own business his life's goal. He cares and loves every dog at Puptown Funk as if they were his own, and while he doesn't agree, many people have called him the dog whisperer.

Deb Large

Business Manager

Deb is a retired educator with 40 years of experience helping her husband run his business. With a life long love for math (and dogs) she was happy to join the team as the Business Manager for Puptown Funk.

Skylar Brand

Dog Handler

Skylar Brand is a life long dog enthusiast and dog shelter volunteer. She recently worked at a humane society where she realized that she wanted to make her living caring for dogs. Skylar brings to us her love of dogs, her dog handling experience, her enthusiasm to learn and her upbeat nature.

Hailey Swan

Dog Handler

Hailey joined the Puptown Funk team the end of June and it's been a joy to have her. Her life time love and care for dogs makes her a perfect match, as does her determination and quick action. We are lucky to have her!