Our outside play areas are the centerpiece of Puptown, they are what lets dogs be dogs!   Our pups spend most of their day running and playing to their hearts content. With 7 spaces we can easily group our dogs so each one is safe, comfortable and happy in their day.  Each area has different play structures. Most of these structures are made out of pallets, and all are built and designed by Tyler.

This first photo is Play Area #1.  It is the first of our three big areas. (There is a map of how the areas all fit together at the end). Play Areas 1 & 2 are for the bigger dogs - bigger in size and/or personality.  You can see how our play yards are truly the outdoors and our dogs love it! 

This next photo is Play Area #2. (It shares a wall with Play Area #1  and Play Area #3). You can see black tarp on the walls. These tarps prevent fence fighting and are on all of our fencing, except for outside walls.  We have since added plywood along the walls, over the tarp, to prevent the dogs from seeing the shadows of dogs on the other side. This way our dogs are now more interested in the group they are with than the dogs on the other side.  

Pictured here is the pathway that connects all play areas and the two buildings.  This pathway allows for the smooth and safe transfer of dogs from one area to another. You can see Play Area #1 on the left (with Play Area #2 in the background) and Play Area #4 on and Play Area #5 on the right. 

Here is a sketch of our layout.  We have grown and adjusted since this drawing was done - and it will be replaced soon.  Both Play Areas 1 & 2 are for dogs big in size and personality.  Play Area 5 is our 'Puppy Pen' and Play Areas 3 & 4 are for dogs that are only comfortable with a few other dogs, or need a break from the crowd.  In addition the buiding marked Boarding is now the Welcome Building.   The black rectangles are gates or doors.  (When the dogs in Area 1 or 2 go in the facility for some down time the puppies get to play in the big spaces.)  We will also have photos of the other areas up soon.