Hours of Operation

Puptown Funk is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 5:30. We are available by phone, (207) 441-1226, text or email and will do our best to respond right away.

Pick Up and Drop off

Pick up and drop off routes are available within 20 miles of the facility. Cost is between $8 to $20 one way, depending on miles from the facility.


At Puptown Funk dogs that board are treated as one of the family. It is kennel free unless parents bring their own. The fee is $50 per dog Monday to Thursday nights, and $60 Friday through Sunday plus Holidays. This price includes daycare. Contact us for more details.

Fees at a Glance

Day Care: $28 a day Day Care 5 days a week: $25 a day Siblings 3+ days a week: $25 a day Training: $30 for 2 sessions a week Boarding: $50 to $60, includes daycare Pick Up/Drop off: $8 to $20 one way Dog Walks: $8

Birthday Parties

We love celebrating your dogs special day! They’ll have a party hat, fun photos and a their own special treats!

Daily Activities

From bobbing for apples to football there are always fun things for our dogs to do.

Report Cards

Wonder how your pup is doing in their day? We often send them home with a report card so they can share their day with you!

Funk Walks!

When staffing permits, we will take a group of up to 5 matched dogs on a 30 to 45 minute walk through paths and fields. They will never be near a road and will always be on leash. Upon return all dogs will have a tick check before they return to the play areas. These walks cost $8 each.

Dog Training

You can get your dog trained while at Puptown with two, 20 minute one-on-one lessons a week with Tyler. Sessions run for 6 weeks and cost $30 per week.