Do you offer daycare on weekends? We do with dogs we are boarding but for daycare itself we are only open Monday to Friday.  

Can we schedule a Meet & Greet on the weekend? If that is the only time we can make it work but it wouldn't be as effective as during the week because the only dogs on site will be our dogs.

I was interested in my dog coming to Puptown Funk, what do you need from me?  First send an email to us at or fill out the form on this site. We will then schedule a Meet & Greet (see information on this site) to which you will need to bring the paperwork.  You will also need to provide a vaccination records that shows your pup is up to date with Rabies, Parvo and Kennel Cough.  

Why do I need to fill out the forms prior to the Meet & Greet when I have not yet made a final decision on Puptown Funk? This is because a main part of the Meet & Greet is your dog interacting with all of the other dogs.  For the health and safety of all dogs we need to have the paperwork complete before we allow a new dog on the premises, especially the vaccine records. This policy protects your dog as well.

My dog’s Meet & Greet is today, can they stay if they are good? Of course, but if it is in the morning it will be at the regular daycare cost ($28 a day).

Do I bring bedding and bowls for my dog’s overnight stay?  You can bring up to 5 things if you would like. Please know, since we are a crate-free doggy daycare, items can get torn or damaged. We would rather that happen to our things and not yours! 

Are the dogs ever alone? The dogs in daycare are never alone. If there are dogs here we are here with eyes on!  Dogs that board will have times when there is no adult at the facility.  When that happens the doors are locked and all dogs are safe. 

Do you take dogs with behavioral problems?  We give every dog the opportunity for success and have enough separate fenced areas to do so. There are dogs that socialize wonderfully with everyone, and those that need to be in smaller, groups in one of the smaller play areas.   

Do you have breed restrictions? All breeds are welcome, but very big breeds can be a challenge and will be addressed on a one on one basis.  

What cleaning supplies do you use?  We use Pro-Vet Logic, a 100% pet friendly cleaner designed for Vets and Daycares. We also steam clean the floors twice daily.

My dog is pretty shy, is that okay? Of course! Here at Puptown Funk, we take the time to sit with each dog and help them become a comfortable and valuable member of our pack! We do our best to work with each dog on socialization skills and accept their level of comfort. We have found that dogs who come in as observers can turn to leaders, even the little ones! 

What holidays do you close? The daycare is closed on Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Years Eve Day and New Years Day.  While daycare is closed on these days, our boarding facility is open. 

How are dogs separated? We separate our furry friends most significantly on temperament, social readiness and energy level.  We also have a separate area for our puppies that quite often will have an older pup with them.  These decisions are based on the safest environment for all of our guests.  Social groupings can often change in the day, either pre-planned or situational. 

What happens if a fight breaks out? Fights are extremely rare. Our trained staff knows what to look for to prevent fights, and how to calmly use certain restraints in order to stop a conflict. For extreme circumstances, we may use a 'water surprise' that stops them in their tracks. Once everything is back to normal we do a thorough dog check and inform all dog parents involved. We don’t want any surprises to greet you at pick up!