We are a kennel-free doggy daycare. We believe that dogs need to be free all day to run, play or nap as they choose. This freedom creates an environment that reduces anxiety and produces happy pups! This is especially true if your dog has this freedom at home.  We believe if you wanted your dog in a crate you wouldn't need to bring them to us. We want each dog that spends their day at Puptown Funk to get the exercise they need and to maximize their play time with their furry friends!

That said, dogs do tend to follow a natural schedule in their day.  In general, from 7:00 to 9:00 the dogs join their friends in the different areas.  There is a lot of excitement as they each arrive and get to be together again.  While this is happening the dog handlers are placing them in groups and play areas that are best suited to them.  At 9 the day begins and is filled with plenty of time for free play, guided activities and rest.  Each dog group has their rest break in the facility - once before lunch and once after. Other activities include lunch for those that want it (two to three at a time in the facility), Funk Walks and dog training.  Funk Walks and training have additional fees attached. (There is more information in that section of the web site).